Product Demonstrations

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Waterproof Softees Stimulator

Shane’s World Hottie 6.5″

Future Flex Meteorite 6″

Body & Soul Tryst

Body & Soul Kiss

Body & Soul Bliss

Enchanted Thrusting Elle

Enchanted Thrusting Butterfly

Enchanted Thrusting Bunny

Enchanted Elle

Enchanted Butterfly

Enchanted Bunny

Power Gem Stimulator

Bendies Veined Slim

Bendies Bubbly

Bendies Big Stud

Bendies Stud Ballsy

10 Function Bendies Triple Tease

10 Function Bendies Bounding Bunny

Waterproof Silicone Clitoral Pump

Advanced Clitoral Pump

Original Clitoral Pump

Silicone Jack Rabbit One Touch

Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit with 5 Rows of Beads

Advanced Waterproof Jack Rabbit with Floating Beads

Waterproof Venus Penis Stimulator

7 Function Silicone Love Rider Remote “G”

Temptress Collection Vibrator

Clit “O” Riffic Vibes

Houston Pink Leopard Massager 6.5″

Metallic Shimmers

Metallic Massagers 6.5″

i9 Teaser Scoops

Waterproof Pixies Pinpoint Vibes

Tush Trainer Intermediate

Dynamic Duo Vibrating X-10

Posh 7 Function Lover’s Remote

Micro Vibro Keychains

Power Tingler Mini Massager

Impulse Pocket Paks Slim Twin Bullets

First Time 7 Function Pleaser

First Time Power Scoop

First Time Power Pleaser

First Time Power Flicker

First Time Power Tingler